Cles is an

independent company,

engaged in research

and evaluation



consultancy and

support activities

for the Public


public institutions

and agencies, private

companies and Third

Sector Entities.

The Center for Research and Studies on Labor, Economy and Development Problems (Cles Srl) is an independent company, founded in 1981. Cles is one of the leading specialist, strategic consultancy and technical assistance companies for public administrations, national institutions and agencies, local authorities and large private institutions and associations of the Third Sector, as well as being a centre specialised in research and evaluation in the socio-economic and territorial field.

The Cles company was founded by a pool of university professors, including Paolo Leon. In almost 40 years of gained experience, Cles has carried out technical assistance, socio-economic research, policy evaluation, and provided strategic support to administrations and policy makers.

Procedures and methods successfully tested for years.

Development and cohesion policies
Active Labor and Education Policies
Welfare and citizenship services
Equal opportunities and non-discrimination
Territories and urban areas
Cultural heritage, tourism and cultural and creative enterprises
Research, innovation and digital transition
Circular economy, environment, agriculture and sustainable development
Regulatory and standardisation processes for public policies
Transport, infrastructure and local public services

Cles has an organisation divided into work areas, activities and transversal staff functions, based on the high level of competence of groups of professionals. The company makes use of the activity of a Scientific Committee and a Coordination Team made up of senior experts assigned by type of specialisation to various work areas

In addition to the experts and researchers present at its headquarters, Cles manages a network of over 100 senior and junior consultants: programmers in the public sector, evaluators, economists, management and control experts, jurists, engineers, computer scientists, sociologists, statisticians, architects, art historians and archaeologists and many others. The experts work both at the headquarters in Rome and at the customers' offices located throughout the national territory.