Paolo Leon was the

principal founder and

promoter of CLES.

Paolo Leon was an authoritative Keynesian school economist who trained at the University of Rome and Cambridge, a senior expert on behalf of numerous national and international bodies and institutions such as the World Bank, and was a consultant to governments and ministers throughout his life. He contributed to founding the University of Roma Tre where he taught public economics and economics of culture since the mid-90s.

Paolo Leon left a profound mark on those who, after him, gave life to CLES which has now reached and exceeded 40 years of active life, also influencing those who worked there and it’s countless clients.

CLES wishes to remember with concrete acts it’s intellectual heritage, which is still alive in the production and dissemination activities of the company’s research and consultancy actvities. To this end, every year, starting from 2019, together with the Centro Sraffa Foundation of the University of Roma Tre, CLES finances an award given to university students for the best master’s degree thesis on topics and themes that Paolo Leon worked on during all his life.

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